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Building your dream house: Part 1


Without proper planning and know-how, your dream home can easily turn into a nightmare.  Tonight I’ll share a few things you’ll need to do to get ready to plan and build your dream house.


1.   Research!!  This may be the most important step, research what you need in a home.  Get books on Architecture and Home Design (avoid silly or trite books, go to the architecture section or ask a Architect friend what they recommend).  Find styles of homes that speak to you, (do you like contemporary design, modern, traditional spanish, ext. ext. ext.)  details that you like, and materials that you would like to be around.  Cut these all out.  Really think about it and get sources of research that present high quality work.

2.  Find the right property.  Without the right piece of property you’ll go nowhere, find one that you love.  Look into local zoning and planning codes to see what you can do or hire an Architect to find out for you.  The best house plans on the planet will come to nothing without a good site.

3.  Find an Architect that is a good match for you.  Look at many Architects’ websites and find one who’s work speaks to you.  This is extremely important!!  If you match up with the wrong designer you might not get a product you love, and it will be a much more pleasant experience for both of you if you and your architect have the same aesthetic bend.  Do a simple search like; “residential architects in San Francisco” and see what strikes you.

4.  Set a budget.  Take 10% out for contingencies.  Stick to your budget.

5.  Plan for the long term.  This house should last for many generations, so really think about what you need in a home.  Write down a list of things that are most important to you, and a list of things that you’d like to have but might not need right now.  A good architect can plan a home to be expanded later.  Plan or building your home well and for the long term and you will leave your family a legacy.

I’ll be back soon with more tips and tricks on how to make your dream a reality and have fun along the way.



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